Seasoning Recommendations


Name Peak Season Uses
Basil Summer/Year-Round Flavoring for sauces, pesto sauce, dressings, infusing oils, vinegars, etc. Chicken, fish, and pasta dishes
Bay Leaf Summer Available dried year-round. Used to flavor soups, stews, stocks, sauces, and grain dishes
Chervil Summer Component of "fines herbes", often used in "pluches" to garnish dishes. Egg, chicken, and shellfish dishes
Cilantro Mid to Late Summer Component of Asian and South/Central American dishes. Flavoring for salsa and other uncooked sauces
Dill Late Summer Fresh is used to flavor sauces, stews, braises (Especially Central and Eastern European dishes). Seeds used in pickles
Marjoram Throughout Summer Used in Greek, Italian, and Mexican dishes. Especially suitable for vegetable dishes
Mint Throughout Summer Used to flavor sweet dishes, beverages, as a "tisane" and in some sauces. Mint jelly is traditional with lamb
Oregano Throughout Summer Used in a variety of sauces, with poultry, beef, veal, lamb, and vegetables
Parsley Year-round Component of "fines herbs" and of bouquet garni. Flavoring for sauces, soups, dressings, and other dishes. Garnish
Rosemary Year-round Large branches used as skewers. Popular in Middle Eastern dishes, grilled foods, and in marinades. Dried is nearly as intense in flavor as fresh
Sage Summer Popular as flavoring in stuffings, sausages, and some stews. Dried, rubbed sage also available
Savory Summer and Fall Used in salads, stuffings, and sauces
Tarragon Summer Another component of "fines herbs." Used with chicken, fish, veal, and egg dishes
Thyme Summer Part of bouquet garni. Dried leaves may occasionally be used in place of fresh. Used to flavor soups, stocks, stews, and braises


Name Uses
Allspice Braises, forcemeats, fish, pickles, desserts
Anise Desserts and other baked goods, liqueur
Caraway Rye bread, pork, cabbage, soups, stews, some cheeses, liqueur (kummel)
Cardamom Curries, some baked goods, pickling
Cayenne Sauces, soups, most meats, some fish, and poultry
Celery Seed Salads (including cole slaw), salad dressings, soups, stews, tomatoes, some baked goods
Chili Powder Chili and other Mexican dishes, curries
Cinnamon Desserts, some baked goods, sweet potatoes, hot beverages, curries, pickles, and preserves
Cloves Stocks, sauces, braises, marinades, curries, pickling, desserts, some baked goods
Coriander Seeds Curries, chili, and other Mexican dishes
Cumin Curries, chili, and other Mexican dishes
Dill Seeds Pickling, sauerkraut
Fennel Seeds Sausage, fish and shellfish, tomatoes, some baked goods, marinades
Fenugreek Curries, meat, poultry, chutney
Ginger Fresh: Asian dishes, curries, braises
Ground Dry: Some desserts and baked goods
Horseradish Sauces (for beef, chicken, fish), egg salad, potatoes, beets
Juniper Marinades, braises (especially game), sauerkraut, gin, and liqueurs
Mace Some forcemeats, pork, fish, spinach, other vegetables, pickles, desserts, and baked goods
Mustard Pickling, meats, sauces, cheese and eggs, prepared mustard
Nutmeg Sauces and soups (especially cream), veal, chicken, aspics, spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, other vegetables, desserts (especially custards), baked goods
Paprika Braises and stews (including goulash), sauces, garnish
Pepper Stocks, sauces, meats, vegetables, many other uses
Saffron Poultry, seafood, rice pilafs, sauces, soups, some baked goods
Salt Stocks, sauces, meats, vegetables, many other uses
Star Anise Asian dishes, especially pork and duck
Turmeric Curries, sauces, pickling, rice

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