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Job ID #775

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Dallas Valley Ranch Camp

LocationLumsden, Saskatchewan (Canada)
SubmittedOctober 04, 2017
TitleFood Services Manager
ResponsibilitiesFood Service Manager

Job Description

The job consists of two very different seasons of work during camp (summer) and the off season. We are looking for an individual to be responsible for the day to day operations of institutional kitchens. An individual who will maintain overall cleanliness, function, care of all equipment and administer food safety management. Also, will need to be a sufficient cook and manage staff successfully.

Reports to the Executive Director, and the Kitchen Committee
Works closely with the Administrative Assistant, Site Manager, and Custodian


Summer Camp Season
Recruiting head and assistant cooks
Hiring head cooks, and supervising their work
Hiring assistant cooks, training and leading them
Scheduling cooks, and managing their needs
Taking regular inventory of food supplies
Building positive relationships with suppliers
Ordering supplies online, over the phone, and in person
Receiving, and organizing shipments
Creating versatile menus and prep lists for different kitchens with different needs
Working with and managing campers and staff with food restrictions
Managing the kitchen budget and spending money appropriately
Implementing and overseeing food safety procedures
Responsible for cleanliness of all kitchen areas, surfaces, equipment, and relevant stations (dish pit, beverage counter)

Rental Group Season
Contacting guest groups and building relationships with them
Communicating with the full time staff about meals offered
Managing the kitchen budget and spending money appropriately
Taking regular inventory of food supplies, have adequate supply on hand, and organized
Implement and oversee food safety procedures
Head cook for the majority of guest groups, requires working weekends
Keep records of staff payroll and submit for payment
Deep cleaning the kitchen
Maintain a positive, professional, respectful environment for guests
Responsible for cleanliness of all kitchen areas, surfaces, equipment, and relevant stations (dish pit, beverage counter)

Professional Skills

Works well and communicates with others
Works well independently with minimal direction
Can take criticism and feedback constructively
Adaptability and flexibility in all situations
Cleanliness and organizational skills
Capable of leading staff effectively and encouraging them
Comfortable with recipe software and conversions
Cooks food properly and deliciously
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isA Christian business
Other DetailsA year round camp and retreat centre.
Contact Information
ContactChristopher Thiessen

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