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Chilled Gazpacho
Culinary Institute of America
Yield: 1 gallon (3.75 liters)

2.5lb (1kg) Tomato concasse
10oz (285g) Cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and diced
10oz (285g) Onions, diced
10oz (285g) Green peppers, diced
10oz (285g) Red peppers, diced
8oz (225g) White bread, cubed
6oz (180ml) Olive oil
4oz (120ml) Red wine vinegar
1tsp Salt, to taste
1/2tsp White pepper, to taste
2oz (60g) Tomato, small dice
2oz (60g) Red pepper, small dice
2oz (60g) Green pepper, small dice
2oz (60g) Cucumber, small dice
8oz (225g) Croutons

1. Combine the ingredients, except the garnish; chill the soup. Let the soup rest overnight.
2. Puree the soup and strain.
3. Serve cold and garnish each portion individually or serve garnish ingredients separately.

Gazpacho has a short refrigeration shelf-life. The tomatoes will sour very quickly. It's best prepared every 2-3 days, or even daily if possible.

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