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Even though the cooking of wine burns away all the alcohol, many Christian establishments for good reason don't allow anything alcoholic on premises.  Other Christians just prefer not to use wine.  In either of those cases, should you refrain from all recipes that have wine and refrain from the good flavor it can impart to certain sauces and other dishes?

Actually, there is an alternative ingredient you can use, which is Verjus (sometimes spelled verjuice).  This is an acidic, sour liquid made from unripe fruit, primarily grapes, directly translated from French to "green juice".  It is used mostly in sauces and mustards to heighten the flavor.  It hasn't been used very much since Medieval and Renaissance times, but it's been getting more popular in recent years.  It's commonly associated with lemon juice with its acidity, but has a flavor all of its own.  It can also be a replacement for vinegar or lemon juice (all or part) in a variety of sauces and salad dressings, a tenderizer, a condiment, and in deglazing.

You can receive a free Verjus cookbook from Navarro Vineyards, which includes over 20 recipes, and if you'd like you can also purchase verjus from them.

Ira Krizo

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