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July 2007

Dear CCF Members,

Although we haven’t been able to keep up as much as we’d like with the newsletter lately, there is some big news with CCF.

First off, we have finalized the dates and lodging this week for our first Christian Chefs International Conference! It will be held in Southern Oregon and will start on the evening of Sunday, September 16 and continue through Tuesday Lunch to allow for traveling both of those days. Note that this is coming up soon, so check your calendars and let us know. (If there is enough interest we will also be offering an optional ServSafe certification course Tuesday afternoon) The conference is for Christian cooks and chefs in, and closely related to, the culinary industry and we will mainly focus on encouraging each other through sharing our mutual faith and culinary abilities. We have a limited amount of lodging available, so please book soon. Visit our website for directions, cost, lodging options, and signing up:

The other news with CCF is that we have completely redesigned the Job Listings area of CCF. The listings are still free both to post and to view jobs, which have been automated to make sure they are easier to post and always kept current:
- Job seekers, you can now see more information about each position, search jobs, and even subscribe to a service that e-mails you immediately when a new job is posted. Due to the automated Job E-mail List we will no longer be including job listings in the CCF newsletter.
- Employers, your job will get posted on our website much faster, plus you can now provide more information to job seekers in your listings, update your job in real-time, and get your listing out to potential employees much faster with the Job E-mail List.

God has made it clear that the Christian Culinary School is not going to open as soon as we had expected. My wife Susanna and I expected to start it at our restaurant/B&B here in Southern Oregon, but due to the remote location in the mountains, it is financially impossible for us to continue our lease. We do still have a vision to start the school and have been working on a curriculum among other details, and are actively waiting on God to reopen the door to start it again in His perfect timing. Still, if you are a culinary instructor or have other helpful resources, we would be very interested in your input and advice to make sure this program is all God intends it to be. More information is available about the school and proposed curriculum on our website:

Your Brother in Christ,
Ira Krizo


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