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The mission of Christian Culinary Academy is to provide a place for Christians interested in entering the culinary industry to learn the skills necessary in order to enter the industry with confidence, being able to cope with the demands of their chosen profession, while acting as effective witnesses. The program is also intended to provide Christian employers properly trained professionals with a biblical mindset.

Certificate in Culinary Arts

The Christian Culinary Academy (CCA) is a culinary trade school that offers an intensive 1-year program in the culinary arts. The goal of the program is to give the students the experience and knowledge needed to enter the food-service industry with confidence. During the first part of the program (8 months), students will receive extensive hands-on experience, and learn the theory and practice of cooking in CCA's classroom kitchens. In addition, students will participate in field trips, biblical training on how to be effective witnesses, and real-life experience in working kitchens. During the second part of their education, students will work a 12-week internship under an experienced chef in order to reaffirm their training. At the completion of the program, students will receive their Certificate in Culinary Arts.

In order to attain the goals of the program, students will spend 24 hours per week in the classroom and classroom kitchens, 5 hours per week between morning devotionsand Bible study, 7 hours per week in mini-internships (practical culinary experience in working kitchens), and 5 hours per week in practical ministry class. This works out to be about 40 hours per week of school work in addition to homework. The intensity of the program provides each student in one year what would normally be taught in a two-year culinary program.

All the faculty of CCA is here with the vision to serve God through the instructing of the next generation of Christian cooks and chefs with all the knowledge and experience God has provided them. To provide an individually focused experience, class sizes are limited to 16 students. Instructors are available to meet with students privately both for Biblical and culinary guidance as needed.

The school is located in Cannon Beach, Oregon, which is right on the Pacific Coast, with many great restaurants and other activities nearby. Cannon Beach is also a short drive/bus ride from many great restaurants, shopping, and various activities in the Portland Metro area. Dormitories are available on-site at CCA.


The Christian Culinary Academy (CCA) is a private career school licensed by the Oregon Department of Education, 255 Capitol St. NE, Salem, OR 97310, ph # 503.947.5600. Instead of an accredited degree granting institution, CCA is a certificate granting trade school, which allows students to acquire a more affordable education through a one-year program instead of enrolling into a two year degree program.


CCA does not create trained chefs. Instead, every student will leave the program being an educated culinary student with the ability to learn and advance under other great chefs. Upon graduation students will have attained the following goals:

  • How to be a professional with a Christian mindset
  • How to pass the ServeSafe sanitation test
  • How to use, hold, and maintain knives
  • How to follow and modify recipes
  • How to identify, fabricate and serve common fish, meat and poultry
  • How to prepare soups, sauces, vegetables, starches, breads and pastries
  • How to present and garnish food
  • How to prepare international cuisines
  • How to accommodate special and medical diets
  • How to work quickly and proficiently in food preparation and line cooking
  • How to prepare resumes and menus
  • How to conduct research
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to use culinary math
  • How to order food and supplies
  • How to handle and maintain kitchen equipment
  • and much more...


  • A minimum of 125 hours of working in a commercial kitchen. (Assistance at obtaining this prerequisite is available)
  • Proficiency in the English language, including reading and writing
  • 18 years of age prior to or on first day of class
  • High School Diploma, Home School Diploma, GED or recognized equivalent completion
  • Health Insurance

Supplies provided by CCA

CCA will provide students with 5 chefs jackets with name embroidery, 5 chefs pants, 2 chefs caps, knife kit and required books.

Masterful Chef-Instructors ~ Close Community ~ Inspirational

Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. -1 Cor 10:31 ESV

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