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The Professional Caterer's Handbook
by Lora Arduser & Douglas Robert Brown
This book is pretty much THE book on catering and has pretty much all you need to know to be able to start, run and/or grow a catering company or to add on catering to an already existing operation. It goes through everything including the equipment needed, legal aspects, staffing, marketing, contracts, cooking, sanitation and more. Recommended by Ira Krizo, Christian Chef.
Culinary Artistry
by Andrew Dornenburg
Here you'll find a great deal of information about being a culinary artist. It goes into great depths about matching flavors, menu planning and composing a dish to get the best possible outcome. Recommended by Ira Krizo, Christian Chef.
The Flavor Bible
by Karen Page & Andrew Dornenberg
The Physiology of Taste
by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Ma Gastronomie
by Fernand Point
This book is the story, recipes, and anecdotes of the famed chef Fernand Point. It is a very well written and a light read cover to cover, which provides you with great motivation to produce good food and to be proud of what you do. Recommended by Ira Krizo, Christian Chef.
A Day at El Bulli
by Ferran Adria
A very well photographed book describing life in Ferran Adria's famous kitchen El Bulli in northern Spain. He shares his motivation about why and how he creates every dish different from any ever seen and even shares on the basics of molecular gastronomy. Recommended by Ira Krizo, Christian Chef.
The New High Altitude Cookbook
by Beverly Anderson
I am an experienced chef in the art of high altitude cooking and this is the best book of its kind I have been able to find. I highly recommend adding it to your library if you ever plan to do any high altitude cooking. Recommended by Diane Boone, Christian Chef.

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