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Here are some easy reading foodie books that are highly recommended for when you aren't in the mood for studying recipes. There are a few more books like this in our So you want to be a chef? book category.

Flash of Silver
by Chef Graham Kerr
Known to millions worldwide as the 'Galloping Gourmet', Christian Chef Graham Kerr, tells his story of finding resilience in a restless world. Through an extended metaphor, Graham compares his life to that of a wild pacific salmon. Faced with the struggles of life, difficult personal challenges, and the threat of commercial exploitation, they both fight their way upstream and discover a peaceful life against all odds. For an autographed copy, please order your copy directly from Graham.
A Year in Provence
by Peter Mayle
Hotel Pastis
by Peter Mayle
Don't Try This at Home
by Kimberly Witherspoon
Truly things you won't want to try in your home or your restaurant. This is a collection of 40 different stories from chefs such as Ferran Adria, David Burke, Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain of kitchen bloopers. It's a great book to read just for the sake of it or especially when you start thinking "how could it be any worse than today" in the kitchen to relieve the pain and bring a smile to your face. Recommended by Ira Krizo, Christian Chef.
The Soul of a Chef
by Michael Ruhlman
This is another of a few great books by Ruhlman. The first part he follows the Certified Master Chef exam. The rest of the book he follows Michael Symon and Thomas Keller ans shares what their kitchens are like to work in, which include some very intriguing stories. Recommended by Ira Krizo, Christian Chef.
Kitchen Confidential
by Anthony Bourdain
This book is an extreme version of what can be found in the industry. It tells of the drugs, alcohol and violence that yes, you truly do see in the industry (but generally not as often as he claims). Be cautious of some foul language, but if you're truly interested in working in restaurants or getting into extreme restaurants this is a good read. It's also fun for some of us who can relate to having been in a few kitchens like he speaks of. Recommended by Ira Krizo, Christian Chef.

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