CCI Annual Conference

Monday, March 25 - Thursday, March 28, 2019
Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Sunday, March 24
    6:00pm: Early arrival check-in (no sessions - on your own for meals until Monday lunch)

Monday, March 25
    9:45am: Check-In Opens
    10:00am-5:00pm: ServSafe Manager Certification Review & Test (requires self-study) with Chef Ira Krizo
    12:30pm: Lunch
    1:00pm: Kitchen Social (preparing dinner & sharing recipes)
    6:30pm: Dinner
    7:30pm: Worship & Evening Session

Tuesday, March 26
    7:00am: Kitchen/Coffee Social
    8:00am: Breakfast
    9:00am: Worship
    9:25am: Morning Devotions
    9:30am-5:00pm: Baking Seminar with Chef Jim Krieg
    12:30pm: Lunch
    6:00pm: Buffet Dinner
    7:30pm: Worship & Keynote Session

Wednesday, March 27
    7:00am: Kitchen/Coffee Social
    8:00am: Breakfast
    9:00am: Worship
    9:25am: Morning Devotions
    10:15am: Session 1
    11:15am: Session 2
    12:30pm: Lunch
    2:00pm: Session 3
    3:00pm: Session 4
    4:00pm: Session 5
    6:00pm: Dinner
    7:00pm: Worship & Evening Session
    8:30pm: Bonfire & S'Mores on the Beach (weather permitting)

Thursday, March 28
    7:00am: Kitchen/Coffee Social
    8:00am: Breakfast
    9:00am: Worship & Morning Session
    10:45am: Airport Shuttle Departs for PDX (RSVP, 2 hour commute)

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