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Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks

LocationCorinth, New York (USA)
UpdatedApril 02, 2018
TitleHead Cook
1. Oversee the inventory and ordering of food, equipment, and supplies and arrange for the routine maintenance, sanitation, and upkeep of the camp kitchen, its equipment, and facilities.
a) Maintain inventory of food and household supplies.
b) Order food and kitchen supplies consistent with menus and enrollment counts, staying within the budget.
c) Maintain high standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and safety and supervise staff to ensure standards are met by all.
d) Clean and maintain all food-service areas, including kitchen, dining hall, storage, kitchen recycling.
e) Inspect equipment and ensure equipment is repaired as necessary.
f) Promote practices that seek to reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle as much as possible.
2. Manage the daily operations of the camp food and dining service.
a) Oversee of nutritionally balanced camp meals, snacks, and pack-out food from the planned menu.
b) Ensure the service of camp meals through directing the work of other kitchen staff.
c) Ensure safe and efficient preparation and serving of camp meals.
d) Comply with all NYSDOH codes and ACA regulations and supervise staff to ensure compliance.
e) Prepare foods that taste good and offer a pleasing presentation.
PayContract | $400/week, plus room and board
TimelineContract for summer | June-August
Second Position
TitleAssistant Cook
• Meet with food service manager for task assignments
• Maintain a clean and sanitized kitchen
• Prepare foods that taste good and offer a pleasing presentation
• Attend all staff meetings
• Practice all NYSHD codes and ACA regulations
• Complete food preparation tasks as assigned by food service manager
• Long pants only are required (no shorts or skirts) while working in the kitchen
• Wear hats during food preparation and plastic gloves (required by NYS Health Dept) for foods
not being cooked before serving (i.e. lettuce, carrots, fruits, lunch meats, etc)
• Help with food distribution at mealtimes
• Help with cleanup duties
• Complete other sanitation and inventory tasks as assigned by the food service manager
PayContract | $225/week, plus room and board
TimelineContract for summer | June-August
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isA Christian business
Contact Information
ContactMegan Maiello
Telephone518-608-6800 ext. 3
Contact Address37 East Shore Road
Lake Hopatcong NJ 07849

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