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Wind River Ranch

LocationEstes Park, Colorado (USA)
SubmittedJanuary 29, 2018
TitleSous Chef
ResponsibilitiesResponsibilities include but are not limited to:

The sous chef must have previous experience in a kitchen and be able to manage the kitchen and wait staff, making sure that food, sanitation, and safety standards are being upheld when the head chef is absent.
The sous chef will assist the head chef and breakfast chef in preparing dishes for every meal.
Computer knowledge is helpful in the case that you will have to place food orders, but not necessary.
You will also be required to attend staff and guests activities in the evenings which usually only last an hour or two.
The guest week starts on Sunday, with all of the kitchen staff coming in and starting dinner prep at 2:00 PM and running through 8:00PM. Hours vary throughout the week, typically working 8:00AM-2:00 PM with a two hour break between shifts, then returning to the kitchen at 4:00 PM working until everything is put away and the kitchen is clean, usually around 8:00 PM. Saturdays are typically half days, serving a light continental, but hot, breakfast before guests depart. It’s an all hands on deck day, doing a detailed deep clean of the kitchen, usually finishing late morning and off for the rest of the day through Sunday morning, meeting at 12:30 for the weekly staff meeting.
PayDOE- may include all meals and housing
Timelineseasonal early May to mid October
Second Position
TitleHead Chef
ResponsibilitiesThe head chef position at Wind River Ranch is typically staffed by an individual who has extensive experience, currently attending or graduated from culinary school, and is actively pursuing a career in food service. The chef is responsible for ordering food, complying with the budget, helping to set the menu, and utilizing three assistant chefs to prepare meals.

The chef must be detail oriented, have excellent skills, be creative in using leftovers, lead the kitchen staff, and set at tone of teamwork, service, and hopefully fun in the kitchen.

As with all of our positions, an active and mature faith in Jesus Christ is the most important ingredient for a successful staff member. This is a seasonal position.

The responsibilities of the head chef include but are not limited to:

The head chef is responsible for opening up the kitchen in mid to late April, cleaning as needed and setting up machine services and installments, a list will be provided for companies and numbers to contact. Stocking the kitchen and cooking for volunteer weeks which start the beginning of May, running up to the end of the month when we start our guest season. Cooking for volunteer weeks is the time to test out recipes and flesh out the menu, prepping what you can for the start of the season. Organization, lists, and knowledge of portion control is key to not over or under-ordering product. We have limited fridge and freezer space but plenty of dry storage. Everything we order is through Sysco except for our coffee, which we order from a local roaster out of boulder, so keeping track of coffee bean levels are really the only separate thing to keep track of. You will also work with the head housekeeper to order whatever they need such as paper goods and some cleaning chemicals.

Daily tasks include:

You must be self-motivated, efficient, keep a clean workspace, and be organized.

Managing the three other kitchen staff; a prep cook, breakfast cook, and sous chef as well as the 3-4 wait-staff

Prepping and cooking for lunch and dinners making sure they get put out on time

Taking inventory and placing food orders three times a week

Tracking the budget

Teaching the wait-staff basic knife skills and mandolin safety to be able to prep for the salad bar and kid’s corner which gets put out every day

Delegate and give directions clearly and concisely

Keeping track of weekly guest numbers and changing proportions accordingly

Accommodating special dietary needs and being sure to check ingredient lists whenever a guest is legitimately allergic

Conference season:

September and early October we have our conference season, consisting of 35-40 guests, all adults. It’s a good time of the season to change up the menu and have fun with it but also trying to use up as much food stuffs as possible before the end of the season. We tend to be short staffed in September so it’s all hands on deck, most likely changing the kitchen schedule as well to make up for any kitchen staff that may leave early.

Shut down:

During the last conference week you will start to work on shutting down the kitchen. There is a shutdown list that you will be able to refer to. Have servers do a deep clean of the dining room and cocoa cabana as well. It’s the head chef’s responsibility to schedule machine pickups and last minute equipment services as well as scheduling a hood cleaning. Once you are done cooking for staff and last minute volunteers, you’ll coordinate with the director when that will be, you should be able to completely shut down the kitchen in a day or two, notifying the head of maintenance when the building can be winterized.
PayDOE- May include housing and meals
TimelineSeasonal early may to November
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isA Christian business
Other DetailsDo you love the mountains and love to cook! You may be exactly who we are looking for!

Wind River Ranch is a Christian Family Guest Ranch in Estes Park, CO providing families with an all-inclusive vacation experience in a Christ-centered, family-friendly environment. We ride horses, hike, fly fish, explore Rocky Mountain National Park, enjoy the climbing wall and zip-line, kayak, and spend days in the drop-dead gorgeous mountains of Northern Colorado!
Contact Information
ContactAaron Scarborough
Contact Address5770 Hwy 7
Estes Park, CO 80517

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