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Suttle Lake United Methodist Camp

LocationSisters, Oregon (USA)
SubmittedJune 26, 2018
TitleFood Service Manager
Organize and supervise meal service for the camp as part of the camp’s ministry and commitment to Christian hospitality and learning. The food service manager serves as part of the camp’s management team working with the directors to fulfill the mission of Camp and Retreat Ministries, carry out camp operations, recruit and train staff (volunteer and paid).

1. Regularly meet with the management team in order to create and maintain a quality environment of Christian hospitality and learning, including coordinating food service in support of camp programs and groups’ needs.
2. Plan menus, order food, and prepare meals in accord with principles of proper nutrition, quality, earth stewardship, and food purchasing economy that reflects the camp’s mission.
3. Train, coordinate, and supervise activities of all food service personnel while participating with them in a team approach to meal preparation and service that reflects the camp’s commitment to Christian hospitality.
4. Provide appropriate options for dietary needs and health concerns of guests. (For example: lactose intolerance, gluten free, diabetics, nut allergies, vegetarian, vegan, food allergies, etc.)
5. Assure proper kitchen sanitation procedures in accord with state, county, ACA, and other regulatory measures.
6. Maintain food inventory of appropriate food and food service supplies.
7. Receive and provide for proper storage of all food and supplies.
8. Assure safe and proper use of food service equipment and maintain safety of food preparation areas.
9. Maintain food service records as necessary for USDA and other agencies.
10. Work with Camp Director to evaluate food service operation, budget, and plan for any needed changes.
11. Assist in other camp operations as needed and/or as assigned by the Camp Director. (For example, housekeeping, office assistance, program, or maintenance.)
12. Host groups on a rotating basis.
13. Be prepared to act as part of the camp’s emergency response plan.

1. Oregon State Food Handler’s Permit
2. Certification in CPR and First Aid (American Red Cross or equivalent)
3. Certification in Food Management as approved by the Oregon State Health Division

A. A commitment to Christian hospitality and learning
B. Ability to relate well with others, including guests and staff.
C. Flexibility and productive problem-solving skills.
D. Previous experience in a camp & retreat setting (or institutional banquet style setting) with proven skills in food ordering, inventory, meal preparation, serving, storage, and sanitation procedures.

1. Strong leadership, teaching, and supervisory skills.
2. Ability to communicate effectively with other staff and guests.
3. Ability to observe (auditory and visual) food preparation areas and processes with concern for hazards or potential hazards and to actively intervene as needed.
4. Strength and ability to lift a food container, weighing a minimum of fifty pounds, from the floor to a working surface level (thirty-six inches high).
5. Ability to work with food service equipment and cooking vessels at a functional working height of sixty inched (e.g. – stock pots on top of range or baking goods on upper racks of double-stacked convection oven).
6. Ability to operate food service equipment safely.
7. Ability to maintain proper sanitation in kitchen, bathrooms, and other work areas of the camp.
8. Safely handle and use cleaning supplies and other chemicals.
9. Read and sign camp and retreat ministry mission and disclosure form.
10. Pass background check required by all camp staff.
Pay$24-$28,000 plus housing, benefits, and vacation time
Timelinefull-time, year round
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isA Christian business
Contact Information
ContactJane Petke
Contact Address29551 Suttle Lake Road
Sisters, OR 97759

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