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Job ID #887

This Position Has Expired

Wheaton College/HoneyRock

LocationThree Lakes, Wisconsin (USA)
SubmittedJanuary 10, 2019
TitleAssistant Food Service Manager
ResponsibilitiesVision for Position:
The person hired for this role will report directly to, assist and support the Food Service Manager. Direction, training and development of this person will come from the Food Service Manager. This person will possess a natural execution strength. They will have a passion for food and business acumen that desires to provide excellent service in a hospitality-oriented ministry. We’re seeking someone who desires to foster a culture of excellence and quality. As part of our vision as the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development, our hope is that HoneyRock will become known as a training center for food service professionals with a passion for ministry and discipleship. Over time, this reputation should naturally draw individuals who want to be trained here. This is a new role with significant opportunity to contribute to HoneyRock’s strategic priorities and growth in the years to come.

This position is responsible to the Food Service Manager to fulfill the mission, vision, and commitments of HoneyRock through the supervision of food service. This position is a natural fit for a ministry-minded individual who understands good food, is organized, has a strong work ethic, thrives on executing and streamlining efficiencies, enjoys getting work done through others in a developmental framework. A capable leader with a passion for equipping and developing staff in leadership competencies is vital to the role. This is a professional, full-time position located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. This is a full time position.

1. Assist the Food Service Manager with:
Management of all kitchen operations: Assist with operational management of the kitchen using sustainable, cost-effective practices in accordance with HoneyRock policies. Manage shifts and daily decision making and assist with long-term strategic operational planning. Coordinate food /beverage production and ensure standards on a daily basis. Supervise nutrition, portions and presentation of food delivered. Monitor storage areas by tracking proper levels, rotations of inventory and supply ordering. Assist with menu planning ensuring variety and quality, budget management and tracking, vendor selection and relations, invoice approvals and kitchen equipment management. Ensure meal counts are accurate, recipes documented and communication across departments is clear and timely. Assist with development of SOP (standard operating procedures and training policies) for each station, staff development, and strategic operational goals to keep quality standards high. Support and maintain a safe workplace that follows OSHA and applicable ServSafe standards. Ensure cleanliness, ware washing and kitchen sanitation on a regular basis. Maintain security of the kitchen.

Staff recruitment, screening and selection: Assist with recruiting a large pool of applicants for summer and school year kitchen staffing. Collaborate with Food Service Manager on effectively screening and decision-making in selection of seasonal food service staff.

Staff onboarding, supervision and coaching: Assume command of the food service operation in the absence of the Food Service Manager. Create and manage the kitchen staff schedule. Assist with onboarding and training volunteers, students and seasonal staff in safe, efficient kitchen operations and quality standards. Communicate and enforce values, policies and procedures. Develop appropriate job assignments. Train according to standards using proper teaching and communication expectations including repetition, patience and constant follow-up. Foster a culture of developmental coaching through growth producing experiences. Set appropriate staff expectations and key performance indicators while providing appropriate feedback that cultivates growth. Foster a climate of cooperation and respect between co-workers. Ensure an energetic, collaborative culture. Address issues and resolve. Create an attractive environment that naturally draws individuals to work in the kitchen.

Customer Service and Quality Control: Ensure customer hospitality and food experience outperforms expectations. Provide healthy, nutritious meal options and appropriate portions in a timely, pleasing manner. Follow health, nutrition, food safety standards, sanitation standards and regulations. Approve and polish dishes providing visually appealing food. Set and maintain standards for hospitality. Provide a clean, welcoming and professional environment for all constituents. Ensure the kitchen and dining room are clean, organized and presentable for service. Instill hospitality values and guest awareness to students/staff by coaching and reinforcing best practices that develops the individual and fosters a warm environment for guests.

2. Manage special dietary needs: Provide tasty, nutritious meal options that meet the unique dietary needs of our constituent base, whether a meal is delivered in a dining room or in the outdoors. Understand the unique needs across a diverse population and how to meet them in a way that considers cost and quality product delivery. Remain educated on the latest trends in special diets and food allergies and how to incorporate options into a camp ministry food service setting.

3. Supervise the bakery: Craft and create new and exciting scratch-made baked foods, including items such as assorted breads, rolls, bagels, donuts, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies and other goods. Ensure all baked goods are completed on time for meals. Develop signature baked items that could be served at meals or sold in the camp store.

4. Oversee trip kitchen: Collaborate with High School Adventure Program Manager to ensure all wilderness trip meal offerings are tasty, diverse and geared toward ease of packing, transport and adequate portion. Develop a unique, manageable menus for a variety of programmed trips and ages. Create communication tools and menu plans to calculate accurate portions, attend to special dietary needs and deliver timely meals prior to trip departure. Supervise trip kitchen staff ensuring operations are efficient, food meets safety standards, inventory is managed and the space is clean and orderly at all times. Strategically prepare trip food and manage inventory throughout the year to ensure food packing is efficient and sufficient to meet demand during busy seasons.

5. Facilitate wrangler meals: Support wrangler meals with excellent menu and beverage options. Train and supervise food handlers specific to the art of cooking outdoors. Partner with the Equestrian team and Program staff to provide unique, warm and inviting dining experiences for guests.

6. Resource: Serve as a resource for any additional functions including special projects.

BA or AS culinary degree preferred.
Minimum of 2 years in a high volume, high quality kitchen/restaurant/food service operation.
ServSafe Manager Certification preferred, required within 90 days of hire (company sponsored).
Demonstrated management and organizational skills, minimum 1-year supervisor experience.
Ability to work with Microsoft Office and specially Excel to produce relevant reports.
Ability to work independently and accept supervision.
Skills in organization/administration and customer relations.
Ability read technical manuals and apply the information relating to food service.
PayPaid Salary & Impressive Benefits
TimelineFull-Time & Year-Round
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isA Christian business
Other DetailsHoneyRock is Wheaton College's Outdoor Center For Leadership Development, as well as a fully-operational camp and retreat center.

A Unique Place
Located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, HoneyRock is what we like to call “a place apart,” where people have a chance to get away from the distractions, noise and busyness of everyday life to a quiet place encompassed by God’s creation. Here we can begin building the character to be leaders, serve others, and face the challenges of life.

HoneyRock is unique because it serves as both a camp and a college campus. These programs work together, providing campers with the highest caliber of Christian leaders and giving students an invaluable chance to exercise newly-acquired skills and knowledge as camp leaders.

A Unique Approach
Our goal is to move campers and students alike through a process of leadership development that flows from leading self to leading others to leading leaders to leading organizations. Along the way we'll intentionally develop each participant's faith-based identity, relational maturity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills and cultural competence with an eye toward equipping students of all ages for greater influence in the world for Christ.
Contact Information
ContactJohn Welsh
Contact Address8660 Honey Rock Rd

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