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Camp Sebago - The Salvation Army

LocationStandish, Maine (USA)
SubmittedFebruary 12, 2019
TitleFood Service Supervisor

1. Order all food needed for meals at camp.
2. With Camp Director, work out division of responsibility for the kitchen, food storage areas and stockroom staff, and give oversight and leadership to those areas.
3. Plan, with Camp Director and First Cook, quantity estimates for menu selections.
4. Plan the daily schedule for preparation and serving all meals and snacks. Sufficient time should be allowed to perform duties smoothly and unhurriedly.
5. Prepare, cook and serve foods, when necessary.
6. Oversee the cleaning and care of kitchen, food storage areas, dish room and equipment.
7. Oversee the adherence to all prevailing guidelines for the kitchen and dish room, including those established by the ACA, Department of Health, and Risk Management.
8. Coordinate, with Camp Director and First Cook, kitchen schedule with special camp activities, such as banquet, Lord’s Day, Wilderness Camp and special picnics.
9. Supervise and implement complete cleaning of kitchen, storage of equipment, and taking inventory at end of the Camp season.
10. Record and maintain all kitchen records pertaining to food distribution and storage in compliance with the Summer Food Service Plan standards.
11. Maintain health standards for all kitchen staff. Enforce the use of hairnets and gloves, closed shoes and proper leg wear for all kitchen staff when needed.
12. Compile invoices from various food vendors and deliver them to the Camp Office for billing.
13. Be responsible for any food or kitchen supplies leaving the kitchen or food storage areas, preventing stealing as necessary.
14. Assist in staff room check out on closing days.
15. Participate in regular evaluations with the Camp Director.
16. Conduct regular evaluations for the staff under your supervision.
17. Attend and participate in all Leadership and staff meetings.
18. Promote observance of the spiritual emphasis of the Camp program, and of the moral and ethical code of camp.
TimelineSeasonal June 16-August 17
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isChristian owned, managed & has mostly Christian staff
Other DetailsCurrently Serv-Safe certified preferred but willing to negotiate.
Contact Information
ContactKama Lyle
Contact AddressPO Box 3647 Portland ME 04104-3647
360 Barker Road Standish ME 04084

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