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Job ID #921

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Oak Forest Center

LocationFrederic, Wisconsin (USA)
UpdatedAugust 07, 2019
1. Be a witness for Jesus Christ in all words and actions, and share Christ's love with the public, guests, and staff to reflect favorably upon the Lord and Oak Forest Center.
2. Develop a Christ-like, servant atmosphere in the work area.
3. Aid in keeping the work area clean and orderly at all times.
4. Develop and operate from standards of performance.
5. Related to the organization of kitchen staff:
a. Delegate duties for efficient and unhurried preparation and serving
b. Communicate specific tasks to be done before each meal so that each worker understands the needs.
c. Oversee staff concerning dress standards
6. Related to food preparation:
a. Oversee the preparation of the meal
b. Check menus, recipes, number of expected people, and meal times before day of preparation
c. Use leftovers first before making new
d. Use only recipes decided on ahead of time (any suggestions for change should be made in advance to the Food Service Manager)
e. Carefully follow sanitation guidelines while preparing foods
7. Related to serving meals:
a. Meals should be served on schedule
b. When providing seconds, make sure that people are treated cordially and use a clean plate
8. Related to cleanliness:
a. Help keep kitchen neat by:
1) Putting ingredients away after using
2) Use care when mixing, wiping up your own spills
3) Pre-rinse food containers before piling them neatly for dishwashers
4) Help keep coolers organized by properly labeling and storing food
b. Before leaving the kitchen each day, complete each task on the cleaning list assigned to you
c. Follow proper garbage disposal procedures
9. Inform Food Service Manager of inventory items that are low and need to be reordered.
10. Offer suggestions to the Food Service Manager.
11. Comply with kitchen's dress standard.
Pay$28/year 15 pd Holidays-Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving
TimelineFull time, year-round
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isA Christian business
Contact Information
ContactMark J Rieland
Contact Address2824 130th St
Frederic, WI 54837

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