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ServSafe Food Safety Training

After much thought, I decided there could be folks out there, possibly not aware of an excellent program for teaching safe food handling to their employees. Certification with “ServSafe” will mean you can go into any aspect of Food Operation and be ready to train your personnel in a program accepted by the Industry as the Leader in Food Safety Training. This is one more way your “Resume” will be able to impress your potential employers. I contacted ServSafe via e-mail through the National Restaurant Association web site. Check out NRA’s web site at the below address. Here is their press release “fact sheet” they sent me:

Serving Safe Food training program is the food safety education and training program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. More than 900,000 managers and restaurant professionals have been certified in the course, which is internationally recognized as the industry standard. The course provides the latest information on food safety techniques in an effort to address and help eliminate foodborne illness outbreaks. ServSafe is part of a food safety educational system that provides training specific to the job responsibilities of restaurant and food service managers and employees.

Those professionals who have successfully completed the ServSafe manager certification course, qualify to participate in the International Food Safety Council, a coalition of operators, educators, students, manufacturers, associations and distributors committed to food safety education.

Who should be trained: Front-line workers, shift leaders, managers, quality assurance professionals, inspectors and anyone that works in a food establishment.

Training Objectives: To provide the appropriate food safety knowledge to each person in a food service establishment. This knowledge will translate into safe and wholesome food.

The ServSafe Program can help:

* Teach employees and managers the basics of food safety
* Protect against foodborne illness outbreaks
* Promote safe practices in food establishments
* Promote the professionalism of the restaurant industry
* Demonstrate a commitment to food safety
* Improve food quality through proper storage, preparation and serving.

ServSafe Components:

* Videos:
* Introduction to Food Safety
* Receiving and Storage
* Preparation, Cooking Service
* Proper Cleaning and Sanitizing
* Personal Hygiene
* Serving Safe Food Certification Coursebook and Exam: available in English, Spanish, French Canadian, Chinese and Korean. Includes certification exam, cost of exam grading and certificate.
* Serving Safe Food Training Guide: supplies trainers with the necessary information to teach a food safety seminar for managers.
* Serving Safe Food Trainer’s Toolkit: Prepare managers for certification with everything they’ll need including slides, Trainer’s Guide, Food Safety Showdown, interactive review game for employees.
* Serving Safe Food Leader’s Guide: For training front-line employees, supplies lesson plans, video training, tips, transparency masters and more.
* Manager’s Training Package: All in one! Includes Leader’s and Employee Guides, six posters, videos and video guides.
* Serving Safe Food Employee Guide: Enables employees to navigate food safety basics with examples, illustrations and simple text.
* Food Safety Showdown!: Interactive question-and-answer review game.
* Serving Safe Food CD-ROM: Interactive learning program designed to maximize comprehension of skills. Perfect for food handlers and servers.
* Posters: Reinforce training messages, each printed in English and Spanish.
* Serving Safe Food Safety Review Coursebook: helps managers meet periodic food safety retraining requirements.

By Diane Boone

About the Author:

I am now retired after working 35 years in the Food Service Industry. I worked 26 years in various Camp Food Service Director positions. I served my last nine years as a Sheriff Cook II for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in California. For 10 years, I was on the Board of Directors of the Christian Camping Associations Cook's Advance, a training school for cooks in Camps. I am an expert in High Altitude cooking, all kinds of Camp cooking, and Institutional Cooking. I seek to serve my Lord by helping younger cooks following in my footsteps. This can be a wonderful ministry.

National Restaurant Association

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