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Indian Bread

3 Qts/2.8 L - Lukewarm Water
2 lb/900 gm - Brown Sugar
4 oz/115 gm - Salt
1.5 lb/680 gm - Bran
3 lb/1.36 kg - Whole Wheat Flour
2 lb/900 gm - Hi-Gluten (Bread) Flour
4 lb/1.8 kg - All Purpose Flour
4 oz/115 gm - Powdered Yeast
As needed - Melted Butter

Total Dough Weight = 19lb/8.6 kg
Small loaf scale at 1lb-3 oz /540 gm Yields 16 loaves
Large loaf scale at 1 lb-12 oz/790 gm Yields 10 loaves

1) Use large Hobart mixing bowl for largest batch and small mixing bowl for smaller batches.
2) Install mixing bowl and dough hook onto mixer.
3) Put lukewarm water in large mixing bowl.
4) Add all other ingredients and start mixer on slow speed.
5) When ingredients are well incorporated then change to higher speed.
6) Mix until dough pulls completely away from sides of mixing bowl.
7) Remove dough hook, cover dough with cloth to rise.
8) Let dough rise until doubled in size. Punch down dough and let rise again.
9) Place dough on baker's bench and scale to desired size.
10) Shape into loaves, and put into desired pans.
11) Put into proof box and let rise until doubled in size.
12) Bake at 375 degrees until done. Bread should be browned on all sides.
13) Brush with butter and remove from pans to cool.

Submitted by Mark Lilley, Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center Assistant Food Service Manager

This Indian Bread recipe is a great all-purpose bread. We have served it here at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center for many years and it has always been a favorite. We have used it for rolls, sandwich bread, regular loaves and round loaves. Hope you enjoy it.

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