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Amish Cinnamon Bread
(Friendship Bread)

First, you must obtain about 1 cup (236ml) of fresh "starter" from a friend. (Thus the name Friendship Bread.) If you have no success finding some, you can make your own - you'll just have to wait a whole lot longer (traditionally about 16 days) for the finished product! Within CCF's website, you will find some recipes for the starter and other uses for it besides this bread.

The instructions that follow are for that 1 cup (236ml) of starter that you have obtained from a friend.

Do NOT refrigerate the starter. This batch is Starter's Day One.

Day One - Do nothing.
Day Two - Mush bag two times during the day.
Day Three - Mush bag two times during the day.
Day Four - Mush bag two times during the day.
Day Five - Mush bag two times during the day.
Day Six - Add 1 cup (236ml) flour, 1 cup (236ml) sugar, 1 cup (236ml) milk. Seal bag, letting out as much air as possible. Mush thoroughly.
Day Seven - Mush bag two times during the day.
Day Eight - Mush bag two times during the day.
Day Nine - Mush bag two times during the day.
Day Ten - Squeeze the contents of the bag into a large bowl. Add to the bowl1 cup (236ml) flour, 1 cup (236ml) sugar, 1 cup (236ml) milk. Stir andmeasure out 4 - (1 cup/236ml) starters into Ziploc bags to give away, alongwith a copy of this recipe and instructions. (The FRIENDSHIP part of thisbread recipe!) Don't forget to keep one bag of starter for yourself.

To bake: To the small amount left in the bowl, add 1 cup (236ml) oil, 1/2 c. (118ml) milk, 3 eggs, 1 tsp. (5ml) vanilla. Mix well and set aside. In another bowl, mix together 2 cups (473ml) flour, 1 cup (236ml) sugar, 1/2tsp. (3ml) baking powder, 2 tsp. (10ml) cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. (3ml) salt, 1/2tsp. (3ml) baking soda, 1 - 6 ounce (170g) box instant vanilla pudding mix, 1cup (236ml) chopped nuts (optional). Add these ingredients to the first mixture. Mix well. Grease two 4 x 8 inch loaf pans. Sprinkle pans with cinnamon sugar. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for one hour or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Tomorrow starts Day One on your starter.

Note: If you use self-rising flour, omit the salt and baking powder.

Note from Carol: I've experimented with this recipe. For chocolate bread, add 2 Tablespoons (30ml) cocoa to the dry mixture, substitute chocolatepudding for the vanilla, and omit the cinnamon, both in the recipe and in thesprinkling of the pans. You may add chocolate extract if you have it, but vanilla works well, too. For lemon bread, use lemon pudding and lemon extract, omitting the cinnamon. For banana bread, use banana pudding and banana extract, omitting the cinnamon, etc. Banana bread is, of course,great with walnuts or pecans added.

If you have a good recipe to share, or have a question about any of the techniques or ingredients mentioned in this one, please feel free to post it at our Facebook Page.

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