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God's Direction

"Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him."
1 John 5:14-16 (NKJV)

Isn't it interesting how often we Christians pray to God asking Him to guide us when He's already promised to lead us throughout eternity?  It seems that whenever I start falling into that trap, God answers in a way that I don't like hearing, as He reminds me that He has been leading me -- I'm just the one with the hard heart not listening to Him, hoping He'll give the direction I want rather than the direction He has for me.

Just like one worship song states, we should be praying more along the lines of "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord" rather than the common "Give me some direction, Lord" prayer.  Notice the enormous difference?  God is always leading and guiding us, and although it's usually the most difficult direction to follow, usually His direction wants you to stay exactly where you are.  God loves us all so much that He has constantly given His children direction and always will. We so often ignore that and start insulting God by begging Him to give us direction, which is when we finally get frustrated at God's answer (telling us to wait patiently) and become like the Israelites when they made the golden calf to worship.

I doubt any of us have gone so far as to specifically worship another god, but we probably have all gone astray at some point in our Christian walk.  I know I have.  Hating where I was at a certain place in my life, I kept praying for God to lead me on, when instead of running away from my problems, God was leading me to give it all up to Him, trusting Him in everything.  It was a very humbling lesson to learn, but I praise God for showing it to me.

Even now I sometimes struggle with where God has me.  God has provided me with 7 years of experience, which includes 2 years of culinary school, experiences in a well-known French restaurant in France, working in a fabulous bread bakery in France as well as in one of Sydney's top Italian restaurants, various fine-dining restaurants, nice hotels, and for the past 1.5 years a fabulous Christian Conference Center (under a very knowledgeable and well-experienced chef).  I know that I am exactly where God wants me, but sometimes I start thinking thoughts like "God, why am I here?" and "God, I know everything there is to know about this place, so isn't it time to move on?", but when I do, it's wrong of me to even ask that.  Being that this is where I am, and until He leads me on, God obviously wants me to be here.  After praying for God to open my eyes to why, He's revealed to me that I obviously have more to learn from the chef, my co-workers, my personal experience, and in leadership over a great deal of people here.  I believe God will one day start a Christian culinary school through CCF, and with that in sight someday, I thank God that He's the one guiding me through all the experiences I receive rather than me trying to plan everything out to get there.

Further Reading: Read Psalm 23 for a picture showing how God leads us and how God is with us even in our most difficult times of life.

Ira Krizo

If God is speaking to your heart about these things, and you need somebody to talk with, please don't hesitate to e-mail us about your need and somebody from the Fellowship will contact you as soon as possible.  If you have a prayer request or would like to start a theological discussion on this or any other topic please feel free to post it in our Message Boards.

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Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. -1 Cor 10:31 ESV

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