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This bread is a marvelous, light yeast bread rich with butter and eggs, and it can be made in a variety of ways, and so far I've NEVER found someone who doesn't like it!

The classic shape of this French concoction is known as "brioche a tete" (above), which is a smaller ball on top of one the size of a regular bread roll baked in a fluted metal molds. You can make it in a variety of other shapes as well. The easiest shape that gets the most people eating it is making it into regular bread rolls, but you could also make it into loaves (left) or braided loaves.

Many people think the word "brioche," which first appeared in 1404, came from the region of Brie, France, but it's pretty sure that it was derived from "broyer," an old Norman form of the verb meaning "to pound." This explanation is more likely since the brioches from Normandy have always been highly regarded.

You can find recipes for the classic brioche and for Casatiello (an extremely good Italian brioche made with milk, cheese, and salami) in the Recipes section of the website.

Some optional savory ingredients you can add to brioche are mushrooms, sausage and cheese, or even foie gras. Some sweet ingredients could include some chopped candied fruit, fresh fruit, raisins, or berries. You can even make filled brioche and serve it as an appetizer with savory ingredients or with a fruit compote (or other sweet ingredients) and serve for dessert.

If you're interested in finding other recipes and variations for brioche (or any other recipe you could imagine), I highly recommend the "Larousse Gastronomique" culinary encyclopedia:

Ira Krizo

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