Alumni Services

Alumni have access to numerous placement, career advancement & support services after completion of their Certificate in Culinary Arts at the Christian Culinary Academy.

Christian Chefs International
Christian Culinary Academy is part of Christian Chefs International, an international networking and support organization of Christian cooks and chefs. Alumni are supported through networking, education, employment and online resources.

Job Placement Assistance
Alumni are provided a list of current Industry Job Listings from facilites sharing their open positions with the school. Additional assistance is provided to secure interviews and job placements for alumni throughout the culinary field. CCA is connected with many restaurants and food service facilities around the world through Christian Chefs International and will utilize those connections to assist with job placement. CCA can also provide alumni with some of the industry's most efficient job listing websites and can also connect alumni with culinary ministry and missions positions. Alumni are also advised in factors which affect probability of employment, such as willingness to relocate, industry experience, industry certification, level of commitment, etc.

Resume, Menu & Recipe Advisory Services
Although resumé writing, menu writing, and recipe design are covered in each student's course of study, alumni are welcome to resubmit these to CCA for future review and advice.

All faculty at the Christian Culinary Academy wish to keep in touch with alumni for years to come, and are happy to share any tips, culinary advice, employment advice, prayer requests and simply to keep in touch.

Alumni Internship
For those wishing to further their education and skill in the culinary arts, alumni may apply to stay for the 2nd year Alumni Internship.

Local alumni are welcome to view and check out books from the CCA library during regular office hours.

Refresher Classes
Alumni are welcome to audit classes to refresh their knowledge. Fees apply at a discounted rate.

Annual Conference
Alumni are welcome to join the network of Christian cooks and chefs in the annual Christian Chefs International Conference for education, networking and inspiration. Many alumni use the conference as an annual class reunion.

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